Travelling to Brno

The next Tuesday (2012.03.13) will be the day when I leave Hungary again. This will be the second travel to abroad in my life. I am very excited because I not just go to abroad but go alone into the country where I do not know the main language too.

This travel will not be just for fun, I will participate in a job interview for RedHat CZ, and if I will be applied, I will be a part of the QA team behind RedHat Linux (if I know correclty). I would like say many-many thanks to @kozka who help me in a lot of thing before and he promised he will help me to reach the head office to not late from the interview.

But, because I never been in Bohemia before, after testing my knowledge against RedHat requirements, I will become a simple tourist and enjoy beautifulness of Brno (RedHat CZ is located at this town). I heard and read a lot of good things about this city, so I am very curious about them.

When I come back at Wednesday, I will post here about my experiences and - of course - the result of the interview too.

Stay tooned, seriously :-)